Current Events - 2022

Fr. Quique on the day of his profession of faith


Current Events

Davide Prosperi's message to Fr. Sergio Massalongo and the Cascinazza monastic community on the death of Fr. Enrique Bicand (Quique).

The Pope in Maskwa Park (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

What builds history?

Current EventsJohn Zucchi

"To understand we have to look where there is something truly new." John Zucchi recounts how the Pope's "penitential pilgrimage" among the indigenous communities has provoked him. Their pain, and the "encounter".

A drawing by Ivanka in which a woman gives a soldier seeds: "Put these seeds in your pocket, because when you die, at least sunflowers will grow where you lay.”


Current EventsIvanka Galadza

Ivanka is an illustrator in Canada, and is of Ukrainian descent. In the face of war, she chose to help her people by selling her work "to bring attention to the reality of hope" and that "evil doesn’t have the last word."

Photography: Anne Sophie Ross

"Love is stronger than evil”

Current EventsCristina Ardelean

After two years of pandemic disruptions, the traditional Way of the Cross procession organized by Communion and Liberation resumed in the streets of the historic centre of Montreal.

"Not to give God is to give too little"

Current EventsMsgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal

The homily of Msgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal at the Memorial Mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

Mass outdoors, Montreal

The Outdoor Mass: The Warmth of A Presence

Current EventsMarc Beauchamp

Due to the Omicron wave, in December further restrictions were put in place and Churches had to close. Msgr Lepine decided to start celebrating mass outdoors. Despite the cold weather, the number of faithful attending this mass keeps growing.