Out now: "The radiance in your eyes"

Julián Carrón’s latest book, The radiance in your eyes – What saves us from nothingness?, is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone.”
Summer 2020

Vacation the time of freedom

“Anticipation of vacation is evidence of the will to live; for just this reason it must not be ‘vacation’ from oneself."

Life presses on

"The fact we cannot make the pilgrimage to Czestochowa has not erased the irreducible need that inspires it." Summer proposal for high school and college graduates.

A small "Yes"

It started with a small “yes.” Héloïse, along with the rest of the Montréal CL Choir decided to go and sing to the residents of the long-term care facilities in Montréal, which had been hardly hit by the pandemic.

“Everything that Happens in Your Life is Done for You”

Over the last five months, Dr. Capetti has been at the frontlines of the battle against the Coronavirus in Italy. Following his striking presentation to some University students we decided to contact him and deepen the conversation with him.

Carron: "May the Mystery renew in you the wonder of your first encounter with Christ"

The message of Fr. Julian Carron on the occasion of the priestly and diaconal ordinations of the Fraternity of St. Charles in Europe and North America.


Current Events

Answer to powerlessness is not show of power, but Presence

The death of George Floyd, the protests and debates about racism. What is in the foreground, however, is a great "need to live, to breathe". A contribution from the Catholic News Service.