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Noah Holm (Unsplash)

Quebec Bill 21: denying the complexity of reality

Current EventsHéloïse Brindamour

Provoked by a letter published in "La Presse", Héloïse Brindamour decides to reflect on Bill 21 and to answer that letter. She addresses the terms of this secularization law, the reductions in its understanding and the implications for our society.

Image: Natività 1960, William Congdon. © The William Congdon Foundation.

"Awaiting Him with Joy"


The Communion and Liberation Choir of Toronto presents the 2022 Christmas Concert, with opening carols by the St. Clare’s Youth Choir.

Paolo Palamara


Current EventsPaolo Palamara

Paul had money, friends, fabulous vacations, but an emptiness in life that tormented him. In one of his darkest moments, he was reminded of one of his school teachers, and his adventure began… From the October issue of Tracce.

Photography: Tommao Wang (Unsplash)

Following Peter


Ben recounts awaiting the visit of Pope Francis in Canada, and how this event prepared him for the Papal audience for the centenary of Don Giussani.

Photography: Hush Naidoo Jade (Unsplash)

Medconference 2022, the reawakening of desire

Current EventsMark Basik

"The Medconference surpassed my expectations, by providing a moment and a place, where it was possible to see a new way of taking care of the sick, a way that both we and our patients desire"

CL Friends of Edmonton meeting with Pope Francis

Dossier: The Pope's visit to Canada

LettersMaria Laura Giordani

Following the Pope's visit to Canada, this section will feature a series of reflections and contributions recounting what this experience has been and its meaning for us.



Organized and presented by the American Association of Medicine and the Person

The Pope in Maskwa Park (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

What builds history?

Current EventsJohn Zucchi

"To understand we have to look where there is something truly new." John Zucchi recounts how the Pope's "penitential pilgrimage" among the indigenous communities has provoked him. Their pain, and the "encounter".

Photography: Anne Sophie Ross

"Love is stronger than evil”

Current EventsCristina Ardelean

After two years of pandemic disruptions, the traditional Way of the Cross procession organized by Communion and Liberation resumed in the streets of the historic centre of Montreal.

CL community Ottawa

The Experience of Recognition


"In the last few years, we have felt the loss of some close friends,yet somehow, in our seeming orphanhood, the Holy Spirit is causing us to mature in our awareness and our faith."

"Not to give God is to give too little"

Current EventsMsgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal

The homily of Msgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal at the Memorial Mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.