Letters - 2023

Zahra Ahmadi (Unsplash)

"A Presence that is happening today"


At the Beginning Day in Montreal, Luca shared through a witness his desire for fulfillment and his experience of a relationship with the Infinite through his work.

Deacon Cole Powers

"I feel like someone who has stumbled on an immense treasure"

LettersCole Powers

Ten years ago Cole Powers met Christ through the friendship of the CLU and the Carthusian nuns of Chertsey. On May 13th, he will be ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto. He recounts here his beautiful journey of faith.

(Photography: K. Mitch Hodge)

Being like a child in front of the Lord's passion

LettersGarrick Vouk

Almost 20 years ago, the tradition of the Way of the Cross with the Petite Ecole was started by a few mothers in Montreal. This year during a visit to their daughter, Garrick and Bernadette joined this gesture, they share the beauty they experienced.

"My experience of a history"


Christine was asked to proof-read the panels of the exhibit about Fr. Giussani that is being prepared for the NY Encounter. This simple task helped her remember in depth her first encounter, and reignited her desire to share her life with others.