Pilgrimage to Loreto

Father Giussani’s Message to the participants in the pilgrimage.
Luigi Giussani

On the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Communion and Liberation

“Our Lady, it is you who give certainty to our hope!"

This is the most important phrase in the whole history of the Church; the whole of Christianity is expressed in it.

“You give certainty to our hope” indicates the blossoming of things.
Without Our Lady we would be unable to be sure of the future, because the certainty of the future comes to us from Christ: the Mystery of God who becomes man.
This could never have happened, it would even have been impossible to retell it, if we had not had Our Lady.
Through Her, the gift of the Spirit was communicated to man; in Mary’s womb the final history of mankind began. It is a miracle, the beginning of the end of the world.
Christ’s death and Resurrection constitute the announcement of that final message in which the meaning of every instant of time and space flows as memory of the Eternal.
So, for us, prayer to Christ is more and more identified with prayer to Our Lady.

I invite you to pray the Holy Rosary every day; it is the contemplation of the Mystery, the contemplation of the Most Holy Trinity.
May Our Lady help us to live this.