Holy Week 2021- Toronto

Communion and Liberation Toronto proposes moments of meditation and prayer throughout Holy Week.
Mon March 29 – Wed March 31 at 9pm
Guided listening to Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, followed by a moment of prayer
Booklet of meditations click here

Thurs April 1 at 5:30pm
Holy Thursday meditation with prayer and music

Fri April 2 at 10:15am
Way of the Cross with meditation, prayer, and music

Times may be subject to change in order to allow for participation in televised services of the Archdiocese of Toronto.


“Why are we together? Why are we friends? Our companionship was born from the amazement that God became man. God has chosen to identify with the precariousness of a flesh. We are part of this precariousness in which the Mystery of the Word was incarnated. Therefore, our life is infinitely larger than we can think or imagine. He makes Himself present in every moment of history in the precariousness of a flesh — ours. [...] Christ, who is embodied in our companionship, who is embodied in the Church, is God who identifies Himself with the precariousness of the flesh; yet man, at all times, has tried and tries to reduce Him to words, to an ethical value...he tries to withhold Him, imprison Him within his own cultural conception, pretends to explain Him. Instead, He is irreducible: it is a Fact. Let us look within, look at the forgetfulness with which we have eclipsed His presence. [...]

We, members of His body, part of His presence, close to Him, embraced by Him since that day when He gave us His blood, the power of His resurrection in baptism, reject Him. The whole world rejects Him. He is reduced to what man can understand, what is convenient, or what he can feel and considers useful: values. Not Him present, just values. Our companionship is born from the recognition of this Presence and disintegrates, fails, in the instant in which He is not recognized. This is why the world is so disintegrated, because Christ is rejected. [...] We reject Him because of our pretense to resolve reality by ourselves; hence the violence in us. [...] When we pretend to resolve reality and things do not turn out the way we want, we become violent toward ourselves and others. It becomes clear then how the great question arises, the great question which leads us from the mysterious fascination of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, into the sorrowful pain of Good Friday. [...] Let us identify ourselves with the gaze that Mary has placed upon this humiliation, this passion, this pain, because this is how we are called to look at Him and relive Good Friday. [...]

The supreme word that has been given to us is the word “Glory”: the glory of the Father is the word of this Man and therefore, if we accept to be part of it, it reverberates in us, in the glory of our life, the glory of the living man. How different is the being of our person, how different is living, when it intersects with the certainty that everything is transformed in love, that everything is guided by a love, ends in the evidence of a love. This is the meaning of the world: we are called to participate in the glory of Christ because in the glory of Christ is the glory of the Father, the splendor of being. [...] This is life: to know YOU.”

Fr. Luigi Giussani

This is the provocation we would like to live together during Holy Week. To help us on this journey, we will meet online for moments of reflection throughout Holy Week.

Links to connect to the calls will be sent to you. Please join us for these gestures. We would be truly happy to share this Holy Week with you.

Holy Week Meditations