In order to recover the sense of living together

Italy – Consitutional Referendum – December 4, 2016
Communion and Liberation

In a troubled general climate, with significant political changes underway and a weak economic recovery that has left many in conditions of uncertainty and suffering, and in an increasingly complicated and dramatic international situation, on December 4 we will be called upon to voice our will in the referendum on the reform of the Constitution approved by Parliament. In particular, all citizens will have to express their choice about ending the two chamber Parliament in which each chamber has equal powers, and on the reformulation of the responsibilities of the national and regional governments

1. Beyond the logic of disengagement and of alignment
For months, the debate about the reform has been burdened by strained interpretations andexploitations that have strongly polarized the political formations and transformed the referendum into a test of the current government, and its premier in particular. Added to this is increasing disaffection, charged with distrust and resentment, with political participation, which in all likelihood once again in this important appointment at the voting booths will consolidate the tendency toward abstention.

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