En Route Foundation 2023 Fundraising Campaign

The letter of Louis Rouleau for the En Route Foundation 2023 Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends,

How can I live the charism of Communion and Liberation more intensely and with greater responsibility? Last year’s audience with Pope Francis left me with this question.The charism is a gift for the Church, the Pope affirmed, but its potential is “still largely to be discovered.” This gift can be “covered in layers of forgetfulness, distraction, and neglect,” Fr. Mauro Lepori told us during the Spiritual Exercises. Therefore, we must “regain awareness that the charism, the gift of God, is there, alive, burning under all this, not because we ourselves are good but because God is merciful and faithful!” He pointed to the examples of St. Bernard and St. Paul, who recognized the gift of God and sought to enkindle it into flame.

During the audience, the Pope further challenged our movement to offer a“prophecy for peace.” This prophecy seems all the more urgent in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the brutal violence erupting in Israel and Gaza. Darkness, division, and hatred seem to dominate everywhere, even in my own heart. Yet, Cardinal Pizzaballa’s testimony, born from a judgment of faith, shines through the darkness: “precisely within all this evil, Jesus has already won. Despite the evil ravaging the world, Jesus has achieved a victory, and established a new reality, a new order, which after the resurrection will be assumed by the disciples who were reborn in the Spirit.”

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, I invite you to support the work of the En Route Foundation. The educational and missionary work of the Foundation is at once the fruit of the charism and an instrument for fanning it into flame.

Does it make sense to give generously when the cost of living has increased so much?The needs of our own families are great and our collective efforts seem so meagre. Yet, Fr. Giussani taught us that charity is the supreme law of being. By sharing our time and money we discover that our lives are already embraced by a gratuitous love. Such a seemingly small act is a prophetic one, a source of hope and unity, and a sign of a new reality. Let us, together, “stir into flame the gift of God” (2 Tim 1:6).

With gratitude and friendship,

Louis Rouleau
Fundraising Chair for The En Route Foundation

The En Route Foundation is a non-profit corporation that sustains the missionary and educational work of Communion and Liberation in Canada.
There are several ways to contribute: online donations (button below), checks, in-kind donations, and electronic transfers to secretary@clonline.ca. Contact the office for more details.
A tax receipt will be issued in February 2024. Thank you for your generous contribution!