Is there Hope?

A preview of the first two chapters of the book, about to be published, which gathers the contents of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (April 16-18, 2021).

The Audacity of the Family

"Family is the theatre of the spiritual drama, the place where things happen, especially the things that matter" (G.K. Chesterton). Read the editorial of the new issue.

A headteacher on "Education as self-communication"

A contribution to the dialogue on Julián Carrón’s book Education. Communicating One’s Self. “Schools believe that we can teach children to be happy, fulfilled, free by literally teaching them about the virtues that they need to pursue."
Spiritual Exercises 2021

Fraternity 2021: Where you would have never gone

"A lifetime would not have been enough to understand, indeed even to only vaguely imagine, that it is possible to live like that." A testimony on the Spiritual Exercises entitled: "Is There Hope?" (a preview from the May issue of Traces).

The Generation of affection for Christ

Notes from Fr. Julián Carrón’s meditations during the 2021 Easter Triduum for university students in Communion and Liberation, by video conference. A preview of the May issue of Traces.
Graham Greene (Photo: © AFP/AFP via Getty Images)
Graham Greene

The dangerous edge of things

Graham Greene died thirty years ago, on April 3 1991. From the April issue of Italian Tracce, a journey through the works of one of the most renowned British and Catholic authors of the twentieth century.
Photo: Msgr Lépine,

Msgr. Lépine: "What is the greatest message a human being can hear?"

The homily of the Msgr Christian Lépine Archbishop of Montreal on the occasion of the mass for the anniversary of Fr. Giussani’s death (February 22, 2021).

The Gift of their Voices

In February during the NY Encounter 2021, the online event "A Cry for Justice" addressed the painful topic of racial justice and racism. Difficult questions arose and provoked us to deepen our understanding of what the guest speakers shared with us.

The Blind Man, Azurmendi and Me

Fr. Carron's invitation at the Beginning Day to rediscover a loyalty to the event through the example of two witnesses, has guided Fr. John throughout the months of the pandemic

Fr. Anas, Companion in Faith

Julián Carrón's message for the death of Antonio Anastasio, missionary of the Fraternity of St. Charles. "From now on, we will never be able to think of Anas without thinking of Peter and John standing in awe before the empty tomb."
NY Encounter 2021

“To Catch Every One of the Ripples”: Meeting Lorenzo Albacete At the New York Encounter

The life of Monsignor Albacete was the object of a beautiful exhibit at the NY Encounter 2021, we share here the disarming power of encountering him through the many witnesses during those days.
Photo: Association Tombée du Nid
E-nee viritual platform encounter

An Opening to the Other

In January we “met” the Noël family during a conversation organized by the virtual cultural platform É-née. This conversation moved us and awakened our desire for openness and deeper relationship with the Other.

The chosen: A nice Christmas gift

The Chosen a drama series retelling the experience of the disciples encounters with Jesus invites us to look at our "I" and at our unique relationship with Christ.

Grande École: The Gift of Friendship

“Grande École” is a meeting place for Middle-School-aged students in the Canadian community. With participants from two different cities, an effortless friendship continues to blossom amidst the confinement of the pandemic.

EncuentroMadrid: The adventure of Trust

The Spanish event was held online from November 19-22. “We have been able to verify that trust is possible and reasonable because reality is not absurd, but reveals a meaning."

Christ is King

As several Canadian provinces including New Brunswick enter once again into lock down, many of us are surrounded by different reactions and questions, in the midst of such uncertainty and limitations, what can truly save us ?