"A sign that hope is possible"

During his visit, Pope Francis met with representatives of the various religious traditions present in the Asian country. Here his speech at the "Hun Theatre" in Ulaanbaatar.

Fraternity Exercises 2023

The booklet of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, 2023
(Photo: Giacomo Bellavista)

Sparks of the meeting

Giacomo volunteered at the Meeting as a photographer. Here, in pictures and words, he recounts his days in Rimini.
The exhibition of Charles Péguy (Archivio Meeting)

My meeting with Charles and Dorothy

A young university graduate recounts her two days in Rimini. Here is what struck and enthused her about what she saw.
Deacon Cole Powers

"I feel like someone who has stumbled on an immense treasure"

Ten years ago Cole Powers met Christ through the friendship of the CLU and the Carthusian nuns of Chertsey. On May 13th, he will be ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto. He recounts here his beautiful journey of faith.
Mary Cassatt, "Mother and Child" (The Goodnight Hug)

"How Do We Adhere?"

"Trevor’s face is a new beginning for us now, in an even deeper way than it was when he was alive. It is a reliable reminder of the mystery of God. " A letter from Rosie and Sean Wood who recently lost their son Trevor suddenly in December .
Noah Holm (Unsplash)


Provoked by a letter published in "La Presse", Héloïse Brindamour decides to reflect on Bill 21 and to answer that letter. She addresses the terms of this secularization law, the reductions in its understanding and the implications for our society.
Pope Francis' letter


In St. Peter's Square on October 15, Davide Prosperi delivered a letter of thanks to Francis. Here is the Holy Father's response.