The Pope: " I beg you, let us not give in to the spiral of weapons"

The Pope's thoughts for Mariupol, the "Mary's city," and all the Ukrainian people, during the Regina Caeli on Sunday, May 1.
A drawing by Ivanka in which a woman gives a soldier seeds: "Put these seeds in your pocket, because when you die, at least sunflowers will grow where you lay.”


Ivanka is an illustrator in Canada, and is of Ukrainian descent. In the face of war, she chose to help her people by selling her work "to bring attention to the reality of hope" and that "evil doesn’t have the last word."
Photography: Anne Sophie Ross


After two years of pandemic disruptions, the traditional Way of the Cross procession organized by Communion and Liberation resumed in the streets of the historic centre of Montreal.
Way of the Cross during the Holy Week of CL university students. San Leo, 1976. © Fraternità di CL.
Easter 2022


The words of the Pope and of Fr. Giussani accompany a photograph of the Way of the Cross of university students, led by the founder of CL in 1976 (also in video format).
Memorial Mass Montreal

"Not to give God is to give too little"

The homily of Msgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal at the Memorial Mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth.
Naveen Kumar (Unsplash)
Mass for the Centenary of Fr. Giussani

"The Joy of the Gospel in his heart, enabled him to do what he did"

The homily of Msgnr Marcel Damphousse, Archbishop of Ottawa at Memorial Mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth.
School of Community

Translations of "To Give One's Life for the Work of Another"

Fr. Giussani's "To Give One's Life For the Work of Another" has been published in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. Here are translations of the first chapter in other languages.

Fr. Giussani,towards the centenary

2022 will mark the anniversary of the birth of the founder of CL. It is an opportunity to deepen and to make known the novelty that he continues to bring into the lives of many. Here is how you can contribute.