Where else can I go?

As he participated in the Beginning Day, Adam recalled his first encounter and recognized again the gift of the charism for his life.

Beginning Day is always a momentous occasion for me. Every year it marks the anniversary of coming face to face with people who defied my expectations, and ultimately was my first real, significant encounter with the face of Christ. This year was no exception. I found myself so moved by the testimony of Mikel Azurmendi, and how a man in his seventies can be struck by the same thing that struck me nine years ago, and continues to stun me today. He even used the exact same words I used to describe meeting people in CL for the first time. There is an incredible fact that only in this place, within this movement, have I encountered such a way of living life.

The week following Beginning Day, I received a monetary raise at my job. At a time where much of the world is in disarray and so many jobs are not guaranteed, I find myself quite secure. Filled with gratitude and awe toward the events of Beginning Day, I found myself renewing my commitment to the common fund and fraternity before even telling my girlfriend the good news. Seeing myself react this way surprised me.

Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the help of my friends, I came to see more clearly how everything in my life has been given to me, and fallen into my lap. This place, this community, is not a common group of people. The words of Giussani that reawaken my heart to the presence of God take the form of a living, breathing event that generates me now. I was so filled with that abundance and gratitude, that I could not help but to contribute to the community that makes this all possible. Although the monetary contribution I made is not significant, the mark on my heart is permanent. Where else can I go? Where else can I be so reawakened and open to hear the words of Eternal life?

Adam, Toronto