Pope Francis at the audience with Communion and Liberation

Don Giussani: 1922-2022 A New Beginning!

The letter of Dr. Marc Beauchamp for the En Route Foundation 2022 Fundraising Campaign

Father Giussani was born 100 years ago. Celebrating this anniversary with 60,000 people in St. Peter's Square in Rome on October 15, Pope Francis used the occasion to express his gratitude for the gift of the life and work of Father Giussani, and to remind us how much the world needs people who continue to follow him in our time. After pointing out our "extraordinary history of charity, culture and mission", Pope Francis stressed our need for "missionary renewal and revitalization”. 

The Pope's message is in fact a call to an intense and joyful response (responsibility), a call to share the enthusiasm and beauty that Father Giussani has brought to our lives, with all the people who journey with us in the reality of our circumstances.

There are a thousand ways to live this responsibility in a concrete way: by praying, by providing support, by offering our time or creativity, or by giving a little of our money.

The En Route Foundation has no other goal than to give an opportunity to those who trust it to live together this amazing responsibility, as a gift offered to our world currently threatened by confusion, division, and war. A gift offered to bring them closer to their only Hope and Savior, Christ Jesus who accompanies us in everything, and who unites us.

Thank you for joining us in this adventure!

Dr. Marc Beauchamp

Fundraising Chair for The En Route Foundation

The En Route Foundation is a non-profit corporation that sustains the missionary and educational work of Communion and Liberation in Canada.
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