The En Route Foundation Fundraising Campaign

"Only a different and new life can revolutionize structures, initiatives, relationships, in sum, everything.” (Fr. Luigi Giussani quoted by Fr. Julián Carrón, Beginning Day 2021)

There is no shortage of difficulties: the pandemic that persists, the failures of the past that resurface, the divisions, the uncertainty and confusion that are progressively granted the status of virtue... And yet, amid this gloom, we perceive voices, examples, sometimes rather fragile, but so very real, that express a new life. And then those who hear them and meet them take courage, joy and hope are instilled. We experience an unexpected change.

This explosion of newness that Christ brought into the world has been communicated to us through the charism given to a man of our time, Luigi Giussani, whose 100th birthday we will celebrate this year. The En Route Foundation is both one of the fruits of this charism, and an instrument that helps to make it known in our country. And the proclamation of a "different and new life" that it spreads in our circles is the most reasonable promise that the evil that has been committed or experienced will not have the last word on our history and on our future.

The En Route Foundation, by proposing in many ways this new life that rests on the real presence of Christ, living here and now, helps these voices to reach the ears and hearts of those who are waiting for beauty, goodness and justice to come into their lives. Help us with your gifts to make these voices of meaning and humanity heard, voices of change, voices of Christ's love for our condition.

Our small gifts, no matter how small, become other voices that bring new life, that make everything new again.

Dr. Marc Beauchamp
Fundraising Chair

The En Route Foundation is a non-profit corporation which sustains the missionary and educational work of Communion and Liberation in Canada. 
There are several ways to contribute: online donations (button below), checks, in-kind donations, electronic transfers to
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