Current Events - 2021

Photography: Adam

Why We Sing

Current EventsCatherine

Together with her friends from the CL choir in Toronto, Catherine took a "percorso" ( a journey) to reflect on Giussani's ideal of Beauty and to understand his educational proposal to us through Music.

The En Route Foundation Fundraising Campaign

Current Events

"Only a different and new life can revolutionize structures, initiatives, relationships, in sum, everything.” (Fr. Luigi Giussani quoted by Fr. Julián Carrón, Beginning Day 2021)

"Is it Worth it?": Reflections on summer

Current EventsAdam

During a hike, a group of friends are challenged by a stranger who asks them whether the hike is worth it. This seemingly simple question generates a deeper conversation among them.

(Photo:Sarah Lozinski)

Something Exceptional

Current EventsClaire Vouk

With the easing of Covid protocols in Quebec a group of friends decide to spend a vacation together, days are characterized by beautiful moments that remind them of their true need.


What is asked of us?

Current Events

CL Canada statement regarding the discoveries of unnamed graves at the residential schools in Kamloops (B.C.) and Marieval (Sk).

Kamloops, BC (The Catholic Register)

"Christ will show the way"

Current EventsMarta Zaknoun

Following the recent discoveries of the unmarked graves at the Kamloops residential school site (BC) and at Marieval school (SK), we reached out to David Frank from Ahousaht Holistic centre(BC) to help us understand these difficult facts.

"Setting the table"

Current EventsMarta Zaknoun

The dramatic recent events of the Residential schools provoked questions in us regarding the Indigenous communities and their needs. We propose an interview with Christine Jones who works closely with First Nation communities in BC.

Fr. Giussani, towards the centeneray

Current Events

2022 will mark the anniversary of the birth of the founder of CL. It is an opportunity to deepen and to make known the novelty that he continues to bring into the lives of many. Here is how you can contribute.